Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tip of the Week from Creative Scrapbook Divas

"The Sky is the Limit". Most of the time when you are reaching for goals or ideas, you can say that the sky is the limit.  It really leaves you thinking that anything is possible.  When it comes to scrapbooking this really holds true.  Or does it?

Scrapbooking to most is preserving memories through documentation of a photo or series of photos.  The very basics of this hobby would include adhering a photo, adding the who, what, when, where, why and how through journaling, titles, stickers, etc.  But these are not your only options.

Consider a moment of your day when your child says something cute or funny and you are driving in the car.  You can't take a picture of that child because you are a) driving and b) do you really want to take a picture of the child talking?

Because your child is cute and clever, it is easy to remember what they said, so you write it down when you get home.  And that is it.....right?  WRONG!  That piece of paper will get tossed about, crumpled, used to spit out gum into and probably thrown away.  But, if you take the piece of paper and sit down and scrap it right away, you can preserve the memory forever.

What?  You don't have a photo so how can you scrap?  You don't have to have a photo to make a scrapbook page.  The thing to do in this situation is to journal.  Journalling isn't just making note of what the child said, you will talk about where you were, what you and the child/ family was doing AND what was said.  Then you talk about the reaction of what was said.  Were you the only one that thought it was cute and or funny?  What did others say?  DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?  LOL

You can handwrite the journaling or use the computer.  Then add stickers and even a die cut if there is one that is appropriate at your disposal.  And voila' you have a scrapbook page without a photo  AND the moment is preserved forever.

So, you ask what this has to do with the sky? And what exactly is my tip?  Well, just maybe the sky is NOT the limit.  Maybe you can reach higher, farther and wider anytime you want to capture and preserve a moment forever.  I seem to recall the "rules of scrapbooking" says there ARE NO RULES.  That means there aren't any limits to what you can do.


This tip was brought to you by Creative Scrapbooking Divas  and me, Scrappin Ann  ( I wrote it LOL)

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Amy said...

What an awesome reminder that scrapbooking is about the memories, the emotions, the moments shared... A picture is worth a thousand words, but the journaling is priceless!!

Thanks for encouraging me to remember to journal right away!! Great tip!!

I also want to say THANKS so much for becoming a FABULOUS FOLLOWER at!! I really appreciate your support!! :)

Amy :) at