Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just a Post to Say Hi!

Well, Happy Spring to all of you!  I don’t know about you, but I was ready to see the calendar show the first day of Spring.  However, Mother Nature has not complied here in my neck of the woods (Eastern Iowa).  It is 28 degrees at 10:50 p.m.  The heat is on and a blanket is covering my cold toes.

I have been working pretty hard on some projects but haven’t had time to take pictures of them yet.  The camera battery died.  Does anyone else have that problem?  A digital camera that really eats up your batteries?  I have to buy the Energizer blue lithium ones but they still don’t last as long as I would like.  If I don’t use those I get only 3 to 4 pictures per set of batteries.  I am not kidding about this one.

It is a nice Kodak Easy Share and I have had for 3 years I think.  I have seen a new one that I would like to have to replace it but I hope it isn’t a battery eater like this one.

I hope you are having a nice Spring so far.  I hope you also get a chance to enjoy some of the events and blog hops I have listed here.  If you know of other blog hops please let me know where I can get the blinky to add it here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Chereazy said...

Ah, I love spring! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now a new follower of you! I am from Minnesota, but I went to Iowa State for school. I met my husband at Iowa State, and he is in the Navy, so we have moved twice in the almost 3 years we have been married... I do have a BUNCH of friends that live in Iowa! :)

superwomanx5 said...

I am now a follower of you! Im over at
Love that you have twins girls! so sweet! and thanks for your kind words on my blog <3
Life gets tough sometimes thats for sure.
Love your blog :)