Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Was Your Ressurection Sunday / Easter Weekend?

My family was scattered a bit over our Easter holiday.  The kids were off school Thursday – Monday.  One went to the Northern Iowa grandparents’ Wednesday night and was suppose to come home today.  Poor thing called Thursday night at 10:45 pm and was crying her eyes out.  She was homesick.  She is 10 and was the last of the kids I would have expected to get this call from.  The whole thing was her idea to go up there.  Alas, grandma and grandpa are in their mid 80’s and don’t have internet or expanded cable so she got a little bored.  She said she read all 5 books she brought and was tired of playing solitaire.  Poor thing.

The hubby and son had to cancel their camping trip due to rain, so they were here until Saturday, when they went up to join Gretchen.

Gillian (the other twin girl) and I stayed here with our dog Charlie, who is not allowed to go to the NE Iowa family’s house.  He was wrongly accused of soiling a piece of furniture almost 5 years ago.  He has never done it before or since so I really don’t think he was guilty.  Nonetheless, it is hard to find someone to take care of him, though he is really a good dog; and we just can’t pay to have him boarded all the time.  Gillian and I visited my aunt after church on Sunday and had Taco John’s for lunch, her choice Smile .

We were invited to a most excellent Sunday Evening Dinner at our Pastors’ house.  That is plural because they are father and son.  We were at the “elder” pastor’s house and were treated to an unbelievable meal.  It was like a gourmet dinner – grilled beef loin, walnut and fetta salad, grilled asparagus; the WORKS!  They were so kind to offer their hospitality when learning that Gillian and I were home alone.  Gillian had a great time as well as the “junior” pastor has a daughter that is in her grade.  It was also a treat because Gretchen wasn’t there to “hog” young Catherine’s attention!  LOL  All kidding aside, I am so greatful for that invitation.  Dinner was great and so was the movie!  Thank you!!! Smile

Here is a picture of the cards I whipped up before we went over to their house.  I apologize because the lighting is bad and I took the picture with my cell phone.  The cards were made with pink and blue paper.  It was all cut out on my Cricut Imagine machine. I used pop dots to pop up the bunny and the grass and flowers.  I used Stickles to decorate the eggs and flowers and grass. 

This is also for the Eggstravaganza Challenge at Creative Scrapbooking Divas  Please join the challenge, you still have time! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember, I really do love and appreciate comments. I read them all!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book of Me Challenge–School is Cool!

Hi followers!  I want to share a challenge that is happening at Creative Scrapbook Divas right now. I hope you will join DT Pam in this.  It is Book of Me Challenge - School is Cool!

Pam did a great job and you will have to visit the group to see.

I am showing you my layout for the challenge.  It is from 3rd grade in 1975.  I will also show a few others I have done.  I don’t use a school theme really.  I just pick paper I like for those portraits.

I hope you will join us!

Me 3rd Grade 1975


here are some others I already had done:














I wonder what happened to 1971? 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning….. & Then Some!

Hey followers!  I have been so busy doing spring cleaning at my house.  I am not only cleaning but I am preparing the house for some home improvements we will be making this summer.  I am excited about these and once they begin, I will post pictures of the progress.  I would say it won’t be until June though, depends on the schedule of the contractor.

Another part of my spring cleaning is cleaning out my email files – more that 2000 emails in each of 4 email addresses!  YIKES!

And I am getting things lined up to be able to post here a lot more regularly!  HURRAY!

One of the first things that will be posted is the fact that two different lovely and talented blogger friends have awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.

One was on March 29 and one was April 17.

I will have details about this tomorrow and since I was slow on this, I will be awarding 30 people this award (rules state to share with 15 people).



So how is your spring cleaning going?  Quite a chore, but worth it in the end, huh?

Take care til next time – ScrappinAnn

Friday, April 1, 2011

What’s Happening Around Here?

Where does my time go?  I swear that if I actually crafted as much as I spend looking at magazines and online galleries, I would have a million layouts and projects!

Sometimes I just get too excited at all the possibilities and then do nothing.  Why is that?  Do you have that problem too?


My big news for today is that I broke down and joined the Cricut Circle today.  Ok, truthfully, I broke my husband down….. I just couldn’t stand not being a part of it anymore.  But hey, with all the cartridges and the 3 different Cricuts, a Cuttlebug and a Gypsy, why not ?

However, the hubby did tell me that I do not need the 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression!  Well, I know that I don’t need it but…… What can I sell to pay for that new gem?  I am hopelessly bitten by that darn bug!

More later… including highlights from my Weekend to Remember sponsored by FamilyLife.com.  Hubby and I will attend that this weekend.

AND…. I got another blog award!  I have been sick all week and haven’t had a chance to claim it properly but I will after the weekend.  THANK YOU for giving it to me!