Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I want to take the time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  Grab on to that “holiday spirit” and make it last through 2011.

Wherever you are, I hope you are surrounded by family, friends and lots of love!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thought For the Day from Ann….

I am reading blogs and Facebook updates from people all over the US.  People are frantic about things being sold out or on backorder.  They worry about what this person or that will think if they don’t get the right gift.  They don’t want to disappoint the children if they don’t get them everything on their list.

People,  STOP rushing around and spending great gobs of money to find that perfect gift. Take the stress off yourself! EVERYONE is entitled to the same gift each year! One size fits all…  It isn’t sold out and it is FREE for the taking.  In fact HE paid for it! The ONE true gift. The GREATEST gift of all... Jesus Christ. And better yet, you don't have to wait til' Christmas to give or receive THIS gift! Go ahead and peek - heck why don't you just UNWRAP it now!  I promise I won’t tell.  I won’t have to.…   But please, you can go ahead and SHARE with everyone what you got!

I know this is preachy and I know it isn’t craft related but – I wanted to share with you anyway.  My gift to each of you is that I will pray that YOU will GET this gift for YOURSELF too!

I want to say Merry Christmas right now to all of my friends and family and followers. 

Christmas Preparations at Our House

We have managed to squeak right thru November and into a snow filled December!  No doubt we will have a white Christmas here in Iowa.  I can predict that even though it is less than 10 days away.... As I write this we are being hit by a snow storm that is bound to produce 5".  This is on top of the snow and ice we already have!  Unless we have a huge heatwave - the snow will be staying!

We put up our Christmas tree this year.  We bought it 17 years ago when we got engaged.  It was our after Christmas buy.  It is a beautiful  7 1/2' white tree.  Thru the years it has been decorated with all Wizard of Oz ornaments, handmade ornaments, and old ornaments.  Our kids are nearly 10 and 13 so we have also managed to collect favorite Hallmark ornaments for each of them.  They really enjoy putting them on each year!  This year Gretchen helped James with the lights and both girls put up the garland. 

Our Christmas shopping is finished for the most part... I will talk about that tomorrow....

Stay warm!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog Hop–Join it- looks like Fun!

blog hop dec 11

In my web surfing tonight I found this upcoming Blog Hop.  It looks like a lot of fun.  The ladies whose blogs you will hop to, are very talented.

Just wanted to share!  Have fun!

Join My December Circle Challenge

It’s challenge time once again.  Please join me for my December challenge at Creative Scrapbooking Divas where I am a member of the Design Team.

My challenge this month is pretty simple so I hope I can count on  you to join in.  I challenge you to make a card or layout with at least 2 circles. 

Please post your creations at Creative Scrapbooking Divas Gallery before midnight December 30.  Be sure to leave me a comment here so I know you entered.

One random lucky winner will get a prize!

Here is my example:


Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time is Just Around the Corner…

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  How about those shopping deals!?  Black Friday…Super Saturday…. Cyber Monday…. Pink Tuesday…..Merry Monday…..   wow!

Our household has simplified our Christmas gift buying  somehow.  We are just one shopping day away from being completely finished.  I think one thing that has made it easier is the kids are 9 1/2 and 12 1/2 and they don’t want toys anymore.  Video games, watches, books and movies is what they want now.  Its great when these things go on sale and they don’t break the bank.  Thankfully we aren’t into the “can’t find it gift of the year”. 

Our tree is up.  My husband and I have had this tree for the 16 years we have been married.  It is a beautiful white artificial tree that stands 7 1/2 feet tall.  The garland and lights are up and only a few of the kids’ homemade ornaments have been hung but I still find it quite beautiful.

The one thing I don’t have finished is my Christmas letter and cards.  I thought about it in October; I knew it had to be started in November; now December is here and I haven’t started either.  I guess I need to flip through some magazines or surf the web to get some inspiration.

How are your preparations coming?