Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Preparations at Our House

We have managed to squeak right thru November and into a snow filled December!  No doubt we will have a white Christmas here in Iowa.  I can predict that even though it is less than 10 days away.... As I write this we are being hit by a snow storm that is bound to produce 5".  This is on top of the snow and ice we already have!  Unless we have a huge heatwave - the snow will be staying!

We put up our Christmas tree this year.  We bought it 17 years ago when we got engaged.  It was our after Christmas buy.  It is a beautiful  7 1/2' white tree.  Thru the years it has been decorated with all Wizard of Oz ornaments, handmade ornaments, and old ornaments.  Our kids are nearly 10 and 13 so we have also managed to collect favorite Hallmark ornaments for each of them.  They really enjoy putting them on each year!  This year Gretchen helped James with the lights and both girls put up the garland. 

Our Christmas shopping is finished for the most part... I will talk about that tomorrow....

Stay warm!

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