Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am going to be published.... thank you Grandma Maggie!

For the last month I have been making scrapbook layouts like crazy.  I have been trying my hand at Design Team Calls for blogs and websites and I  have sent items to just one magazine, Scrapbook News and Review.  So far, I have not had the pleasure of being picked for a design team but I keep trying. Plus, it gives me an excuse to actually get out my stuff and create!  However, I did get notice just a week ago that I will be published in the one magazine I tried for.  Not only will one layout be published but a book I created called "It's Me, Ann Marie".
These two projects have a few things in common: the layout is a single black and white 8 x 10 portrait of me at about 18 months.  And the book was made from old pictures of me from birth to 14 weeks.  These pictures all came from my Grandma Stauffer.  In fact, the booklet pictures were actually in her grandma brag book.  So it is with great honor that I dedicate the publication of these items to my 90 year old grandma, Maggie.  Without whom, I wouldn't have a million pictures to scrapbook.  She always had a camera, most likely the latest model, in her hand no matter where she was.  She could be at a family reunion, going for a boat cruise with friends in Florida and even taking my only other female cousin shopping when she was young.

I also want to thank her because I believe I get my strength and my emerging independence from her as well.  These are the things that are allowing me to try my hand at my new found hobby and pursue other avenues with it.  I know I have her artsy talent, as well as Grandpa Stauffer's.  This is talent that sat dormant until 2 years ago.  So thank you to my grandpa up in Heaven and to my dear grandma in Ohio.  I love you both!

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