Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As Seen on TV

Today my husband called me and told me he was bringing me home a surprise.  Funny how he doesn't just bring it to me, he has to call me to tell me it will be a surprise.  Anyhow, the surprise was The Perfect Brownie Pan.  Yep.. and the 2nd part of the surprise was that he made Ghiradelli dark chocolate brownies... mmmmm  He wants everyone to know that this is an item that actually does what the tv commercial says it will do.  Really, he told me to tell everyone.  So there you have it!  Fresh from the horse's mouth! Oh wait, would that be me calling him a horse and looking the gift horse in the mouth?
Ponder that :)

and buy it locally... ask me where... save the shipping and handling and buy scrapbook stuff instead!  LOL

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HappyMomOf2 said...

LOL. What a great guy to make you some yummies!