Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Maggie

Her cake table.  Her favorite color is Purple
(so is mine and so is my daughter Gillian's)

Today my grandma Maggie turned 90 years old.  90 years!  with this came the decision that she would need to give up her car since the lease is up this week.  This had to be a tough decision for her.  For as long as I can remember she was a very mobile person.  Always going somewhere and doing something; if not for herself, she would take others.  Now she will be taking the RTA bus when she wants to go somewhere.  She did say that she will save quite a bit of money now without the lease and insurance.  Not having a car won't be slowing her down!
Turning 90 does come with some aches and pains and ailments.  She does get down in the weather a little more.  But, she is tough and she bounces back, just not as fast as she use to.  Tonight on the phone she talked to me about her plans to get back to bingo and other things with the "seniors".  I know she will be doing that soon.

Tonight she celebrated with 2 of her 3 sons (my uncles) and they each have October birthdays as well.  They always go to dinner together on her day because she is in the "middle"

The rest of the family celebrated her birthday in early August when we had a surprise party for her.  She told me tonight that she didn't feel good on the day of the party.  She felt bad that all the people came to see her and she wasn't up to a lot of visiting and talking.  I told her that we loved being with her and it was ok.  But, she said it was a bit overwhelming and she would have liked to prepare for it.

I hate that I grew up 500 miles away from her. I only saw her once or twice a year but loved every moment of each visit either to Ohio to see her or Iowa when she came to see me.  Ineed to get to Ohio again soon.  I need to make sure that "life" doesn't get in the way.

Happy birlthday grandma!  I love you.

Grandma walking in the door and getting surprised

Grandma with her "boys" Dennis, Bob (my dad) and Jim

Grandma with her grandkids minus my brother Tom.
Me, Grandma, Brittney, Tim and Mark

Grandma with 3 of her 8 brothers and sisters
Grace, Jim and Peggy

Grandma with my family
Gretchen, Grandma, Gillian
me, Griffin, James

Grandma with 3 of her 16 great grandkids (includes 2 sets of twins)
Gillian, Grandma, Gretchen and Holly

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