Friday, May 27, 2011

Confirmation Sunday…… and School is OUT for Summer!

Hi All!   Well, my 10 year old twin girls and my 13 year old son are out of school now for the summer. Tuesday was their last day.  Griffin’s tradition for the last 3 years or so has been to blast the song by Alice Cooper – “School’s Out.” Crazy, huh?  Where did he learn this?  Well, being that his father and I are children of the 80’s we are crazy enough to own the Muppet Show DVD collection.  One of the episodes features Alice Cooper himself as the host.  One of his songs on the show was indeed “School’s Out.” It is so funny!  I am not an Alice Cooper fan but my husband was/is.  In fact for our 13th wedding anniversary we had front row seats to see Alice Cooper.  It wasn’t too bad. I actually knew more songs than I thought I would – THAT might have been the scariest part!

Funny thing is that I have learned from my pastor at church that Alice Cooper is the son of a preacher.  And that he IS a Christian.  He has been interviewed many times stating that he is a Christian and that he is not, nor never was a Devil worshipper.  He does not condone such practices either.  He has really cleaned up his act and it is all “for show”.  Well… ok.  So for your viewing pleasure, lets go back 32 years to 1978 and watch!  Click on this link Alice Cooper @ the Muppets - School's Out  

And…. since I was on the subject of Christianity (sort of ) let me share with you the other highlight of last weekend for myself and my family.  Griffin was confirmed at our church, DeWitt Lutheran Fellowship.  We are so proud of him.  He learned a lot in the last 2 years.  At our church, being confirmed is no easy task.  The young confirmands have to do much memorization and question answering right in front of the whole congregation!  This year they were able to write an essay and read it to the congregation if the memorization made them too nervous.  It was very intense and detailed.  They each had 2 topics.  When they were finished they each received their new personally engraved Bibles and a few of the Elders came up to pray with them/ for them.  It was a wonderful and proud moment.

We were very lucky to share this special day with most of the Lenth family from up north and my parents who are a little closer to us.  We also had many friends from various aspects of our lives, who came to witness the ceremony.  It was wonderful.

I will share a few pictures with you here:

Griffin is the tall boy in the blue shirt right smack in the middle!  LOL




Long time family friends!     and       one of our newest and dearest friends!

101_0767         101_0797

Griffin with his sisters (yes, the girls are really twins)    And this is Griffin with the stash of beautiful cards!

101_0779    101_0768

Here he is with the Lenth family                         And our little family of 5…..


And lastly, my parents and James’ parents and James and I with Griffin

Thank you for taking a moment to let me share this with you, too!


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