Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hurray! New Followers AND a Blog Award for me!

For the last year I have mainly been blogging about my life as a scrapper.  What many of you don’t know about is my life as a genealogist.  I have been working on my family history for over 7 years now and am almost obsessed with it as much as scrapping.  Too bad for my hubby, cuz it would have been cheaper if I would not have discovered scrapping 3 years ago!


I've received the Ancestors Approved award from Homestead Mommy at Footsteps Past  Thank you so much!  Ancestors Approved was started by Leslie Ann at Ancestors Lived Here.
I'm suppose to share 10 things about my ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me and share this award with 10 other bloggers. 

Ok… so I will share those 10 things with you now!

1.  My paternal great grandfather worked in the bicycle shop with the Wright brothers in Dayton, Ohio  he also knew the Patterson of Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

2.  my paternal great, great grandfather fought in the civil war.  He was from Pennsylvania and oddly enough was a guard in Rock Island at a Confederate prison on the island during the last 100 days of the war.  How cool is it that 120 years or so later I would marry a man who is an engineer at the Rock Island arsenal and works in the building where the museum is.  My great, great grandfather is in a picture on the wall there in the museum

3.  I really never expected to get far in this whole family history thing. I only searched on a whim.  I thought that since I lived in Iowa and my relatives were from Ohio I would never find anything.  boy, I was sure wrong.

4.  My paternal great great great grandparents were either Amish or Mennonite. They were from Lancaster Pennsylvania.

5. while there are hardly any Stauffer (my maiden name)families where I live it is not the same in Pennsylvania.  evidently, the Stauffer  families that came to Pennsylvania were invited by William Penn himself.

6.  I am this close…. to becoming a member of the daughters of the American revolution because of Stauffer soldiers. I have to narrow down the exact one and how he fits in my tree.  the problem is that the Stauffer people sure liked the same names and it is really getting confusing for me.  Who ever thought there would be two Hiram Stauffer’s and they would both be from Lancaster County And both married to ladies named Mary. there may even be some on my mom’s side when I dig a little deeper.

7.  I found a picture of my paternal great great grandfather on the internet.  there were some antique photo online people who were selling it. they found it in a Springfield, Ohio antique store.  He was quite short.  and here I always thought that the height in our family came from the Stauffer side.

8.  My maternal great grandparents were both born in Ireland.  and my other set of maternal great grandparents were born in Germany.

9.  my grandpa’s only sister (with 5 boys being raised by the parents), who was quite a bit older than him, was raised by her maternal grandmother who owned a hotel in the early 1900’s in Ohio.  She made the society column of the newspaper quite often with things like where she went on vacation or who’s party she went to.  the Sapp’s were quite the society people in those days.

10.  My mom had a cousin who was a twin and he died at the bombing of pearl harbor during world war two.


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