Monday, December 28, 2009

The fun things we do to our children!

Ok I am an evil mom! :)   We got a new computer for the family that is one of those HP touchscreen monitors.  Anyway, we got a new wireless printer with it and it sits with the computer in the family room.  The kids have not left the room all day. And they have been nice to each other the WHOLE day.  (Joys and wonders of Christmas!)  Tonight I had my laptop on and I needed to test the printer so I sent a note to the kids that said:  "I am the printer who are you?"  Then I waited and listened to their giggling and screaming of "the printer is alive!"  Of course they ran to the living room to see James and I and we pleaded innocent.

Ten minutes later I sent one that read " I am still waiting to find out who you are." and "go to bed immediately".  More screaming and giggling and I followed it up 10 minutes later with "why are you still up?"  Griffin chose to go to bed because the printer told him to.  However the girls are actually talking to the printer and telling it their names and stuff.  Gillian says it has to be me because I look guilty.  This has been way too much fun!

Here are pictures of the alphabet book I made for my brother's twin boys.

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