Monday, December 14, 2009

December already? And it is half over!

Greetings Blog Fans!

Well, it is December 14!  Wow, where did the year go?  Guess it is time to think about making my Christmas cards now.  You all will be lucky to get them by Valentine's Day! 
But, it's the thought that counts, right? 

Today and tonight was the Christmas concert at the twins' school.  It is good that they still let them sing Silent Night... I won't get into that much more.  The concert was very nice and I will add some pictures soon.  I will also add pictures of Griffin's very first band concert which was last month.

I am very happy to say that my Christmas shopping is 95% done.  We have really changed our focus here at Family Lenth, this year.  We cut way back on the gifts, too.  We have always taught our kids the true meaning and purpose for Christmas but we are putting more emphasis on Jesus who is THE reason for the season.  They are older now at almost 9 and 12 and it all is coming together nicely.  I will be proud to sit back and make my preparations in my heart, mind and soul,  for this holiest of days.  Others will be rushing around to find the perfect gift. Me? 
I already have it!

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