Friday, August 5, 2011

A Reminder About That’s Hot Blog Hop This Saturday!

Hi to my blog friends!  First I will remind you that the That’s Hot Blog Hop starts this Saturday, August 6 at 2 a.m. central.  I am a part of this wonderful hop so please stop by here to see what I have made to share with you.  We have a wonderful line-up of blog participants and our ever wonderful and talented hostess is Yolie from    Please stop by and be sure to start at the beginning which is of course, Yolie’s blog.  Be sure to leave all of us lots of love a long the way, we appreciate that.

On to other matters…. we survived the Clinton County Fair in mid-July.  I got all blue ribbons for my creations that I entered which will be posted later today, hopefully.  They were 3 double-layouts, 3 single layouts and also 3 photographs that were taken on my vacation.

My children did well too. I am so proud of all 3 of them.  Griffin, who just finished 7th grade, entered a trio of photos that he took at the Quad City Air Show in June.  The pictures are some very awesome aerial shots of non other than the Navy’s own Blue Angels.  His photo trio, which was cleverly matted, got State Fair consideration.  That was so exciting because he had never used the camera before that day (it was my new one).  He has a very good eye for picture taking.  This was his 3rd year in 4H and the fair.

The twins also did well and it was their first year to be in 4H and be judged.  They had previously been in Clover Kids which is for K-3 but are not judged, and only got participation ribbons those years.  However, this year Gretchen did a decopauge project out of a wooden letter G for her room and got a red ribbon (though I really don’t agree with the comments she was given- but live and learn) and her photo that she also used my camera for the first time, took a blue ribbon.  Gillian entered a wonderful project that was done for school in the spring. It was a state float and was very well researched and put together. She got a blue ribbon.

School starts in just 13 days here.  I hope the heat will subside because not all the kids have air conditioning in the school right now.  We have had over 2 weeks of 90 plus heat and it is miserable.  We actually found it too hot to go to the pool, as did many around our area.  Several city pools dumped ice in the water to cool it down but a few of them had to close because even that didn’t work!

Griffin is in Colorado with 14 other members of our church’s youth. They are in Estes Park at a Youth Conference for our denomination which is CLB or Church of the Lutheran Bretheran .  I know they are having a wonderful time.  They are expected back late Sunday, as it is a 14 hour plus drive.  Thanks go to our Youth Pastor Jason and Youth Coordinator, Pam for driving this lively bunch out and back and giving them such a wonderful experience.

The best part about the trip that Griffin is taking is that he almost didn’t get to go.  Just a week before they were to leave he had a pretty bad seizure and it was the first one in almost 2 1/2 years.  We did a lot of praying and decided that he would be ok to still attend the conference.  He is ok and as long as he doesn’t forget to take his meds, he should continue to remain ok.  I know it scared him so I think he understands that when we ask if he took his medicine he better not say yes when he means no.  It is so hard with a 13 1/2 year old because you constantly remind him and he gets a little angry and then you decide to let him to let him be responsible on his own and he slips up and HE pays the price.

Well, talk to you later.  Don’t forget the  Blog Hop!

--- ScrappinAnn

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